if that was true, what is this false now?
if that was happened, why is this happening?
if that wasn’t present,why it’s not in exist now?
if that was a pain? why is this equally painful ?
if that’s a lie ? why is this not even sure?
Everything as a Dejavu ….Repeating as if it is seen but pain is new everytime.


From Being born to kept into coffin,
Why the life of A Human is in the box?
A box which is made up of four walls and roof.
A Box to Live -in a wall full of Story – A Home
A Box to get a wall full of education – A School
A Box to get a wall full of maturity – A college
A Box to earn a Buck of responsibility-An office
A Box to lead a tale of Achievement – A Family
A Box to Push the Tablets inside – A Retirement
A Box to rest Peacefully with Mr.Ash Grave…A Wooden Box.


In a Far off Raw and Rugged Wild lands,there exists a “Mighty Ice-mountain”.
The Height of Mountain is soaring to the sky high and whole forest can be visible from its peak.
Mr.Wolf rules this mountain and called as “Mighty Claws”.
It was a cold and deep winter with snow all covered with a sheet of whiteness.
As it is a war time this wolf is standing alone on tip of this cliff and watching enemies approaching his territory.
It’s a Bone biting coldest winter and this Werewolf is standing tall with his feet stretched.
He is not howling because a Wolf’s Howl may give attention to enemies and it’s a threat to his family and his tribe may be at risk.
In this perilous time with the enemies approaching near.
In a spark of a second the wolf spranged like a monstrous beast with the deepest cut on his chest with bleeding all over the fallen off twigs running towards the enemy.
Without caring the pain and blood and all alone wounded and injured.
Scars on inside, cuts on his outside still running alone in snow covered coldest parts to save his loved ones from enemies.
His Heart was thumping faster and his Eye balls became wide enough.
Opening his Claws with a gigantic roar, a blow to the opponent like a thunder bolt.
In midst of his fighting his fellow pack joined from nowhere and fought with him and won the Battle.
From pen – Umamahesh

To Me…..

I’m speaking to An Idiot Hiding Inside Fears, Standing in front of the mirror watching me.
You are strong and courageous against the pain,
You are not alone and I’m with you everytime
You are Capable of Achieving what you desire
You are not at all Giving up whatever happens You will hold it even if it twists you from inside and turns you around and whips out
You will Fight the things those makes
You weak kills you slow, and keep you low.
You are the man I know since you’re born.
You are strong, I’m with you as your Mask Worn.


Missing the childhood

Missing those Peggy little rides

Missing those pink flavoured cotton candies.

Missing those Helium gas balloons

Missing those Horse rides on Mother’s back.

Missing those toy car races like real

Missing those Pencils which kept as a treasure

Missing those chocolates dad brings to home.

Missing those see-saws and ladders

Missing those bicycles races

Missing those fresh real happiness

Missing those school uniforms

Missing those television cartoons

Missing those wishes on birthdays

Missing those Swinging handles and hinges

Missing the real child inside.

From Pen-Umamahesh

A Comfortable Spot

Hiding under the Blanket Burrows
Staying behind the Fence Gates
Expanding the checked curtains. Pulling up the cost blanket and plug-in earphones
Relaxing beside the corner window
Gazing at Imperial blues of black clouds
Looking over Giant thunders and lightning Feeling those cold breezes touching my feet. Throttling the pressures inside my mind. Day dreaming in the blank space
Even in the World of unknown
The corner of my window is the comfortable spot in this world. From Pen-Umamahesh


Born as a bud this little creepy substance,
Fighting against all the obstacles around it,
Climbing with every possibility to grow up,
Taking all the stabs from the thorns in its way,
Using every stubborn substance which blocks,
Stumbling all the way between the hurdles Going through every hard rains and sun’s anger, strong breezes withstanding with his strength. This creeper Soared high to sky overcoming barriers and difficulties on the path to success.
Every flower now blossomed in his part of stems and became a beautiful scenery.

Chasing the Dream

It was raining thunders amongst the dark night....
Fire wood was burning aside along with the passion of heart pumping out the smoke of thoughts......
Holding his loving instrument
Looking into the sky ...
Drenching in the rain feeling the drops of rain...
the dreamer start shivering with the moments driving inside his thoughts......
His mind is asking just One question....
what u wanna be??
What your heart says?
Fearing his brain saying him I can't stand this rain...
But his heart was pushing ... You can stand this pain ...
Flashing his thoughts in an order of quick passes
Then he got stuck ..It wasn't a night mare it's his dream to achieve ....
The last kiss of his father saying him
Go live Ur life as u wish...
Make me proud....
Smile in his lips taking every rain drop inside his head
Holding his Instrument started running to achieve his dream.

From – Umamahesh

Let it Rain

Let it Rain again to drench in the wet
Let it Rain again to crystal my painful heart
Let it Rain again to clear all my sweat
Let it Rain again to clean all my dirt
Let it Rain again to vapour all my heat
Let it Rain again to step for all my beat
Let it Rain again to relieve my weight
Let it Rain again to refine my thought
Let it Rain again to take my pain without faint.

From pen – Umamahesh

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